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Sandblasting Services with a delicate touch

"Point and shoot" sandblasting can get you into trouble.  We've seen countless examples both in the field and at Surface-tek.

"Point and shoot" won't remove stubborn coatings.  It won't deal with special surfaces.  If you're a victim of "point and shoot" (indirectly or directly), you'll be stuck with either a faulty coating or a faulty surface.

Bottom line, you won't have the result you want (yet).  And even if you're just in the idea stage, you still want the shortest distance from concept to sandblasting perfection...

Either way, you can't afford to settle, so you need Surface-tek sandblasting services.

We have proven experience in media blasting of multiple surfaces ranging all the way from metals to composite surfaces.

We are experts at problem solving when all other efforts to remove stubborn coatings have failed.  (Many clients ask Dan Can you help us figure this out? ... and he delivers time and time again).

We also have skill in preparing surfaces to ensure whatever paint application used has the best adhesion. We'll make sure your project doesn't suffer from peeling after the job is finished. 

Client Story: A customer received faulty produced power line poles from their manufacture.  All of the coating needed to be removed but it proved extremely difficult to do so.  The costumer took the problematic poles to Dan and he was able to quickly design tooling to remove the faulty coating efficiently.


And no matter what concept you have in mind, Surface-tek has all of the services you need to take your idea to reality with the fastest turnaround time.