The company

Dan and Melissa Terrill are co-owners of Surface-tek, a high-end Metal Fabrication and Finishing facility.  

Working both in-shop and in the field Surface-tek takes any concept and turns it into a finished product you'll love, guaranteed. 

Since 2013 it serves the entire South Denver Metro area and is based in Parker, CO.

The surface-tek Story 


Tel: +1.303-909-1167

Shop address: 9360 Tammy Lane

Parker, co 80134

The shortest distance from concept to perfection


Surface-tek uses Tools and Materials from the following local vendors (partial list - links open in new window):​

Prismatic Powders

Cardinal Paint

Hinton Steel

Fortna Equipment 

Subject to change. Listing does not necessarily imply endorsement. 

A Helicopter Pilot and Research Associate Join Forces to Discover Their True Calling ... Taking Any Client Concept to Perfection

Dan Terrill was a helicopter pilot.  His wife Melissa was a brain and spinal injury research associate.

Here's a glimpse of the path that led them both to forming Surface-tek...

Dan wasn't the pilot who took tourists from point A to B. He was the "precision guy" that flew technicians up to the big power lines so they could work on them. Fly a couple feet the wrong way, and disaster can happen.

But Dan was the right guy for the job. He loves challenges, loves puzzles, and loves precision. He also has over 20 years’ experience in construction, automotive and aviation maintenance

Plus he's a natural wizard around cars and "engineer stuff," so the magic he does daily for clients at Surface-tek is second-nature to him.

Melissa loves complexity, solving problems, and loves working with people from her days as a research associate. Finding solutions to problems in the brain and spine was the name of the game for her.

Now she works closely with Dan at Surface-tek to make sure your project gets 5-Star attention, no matter how complex it might be (and she's his wife, so she keeps Dan in line).

Dan and Melissa are both born and raised Colorado natives, so they truly understand the business culture and love working with the people in this great State.